Ashley L Joseph



Ashley L Joseph

Wish to share the good work done by your Team in Kollam.

Wish to briefly introduce myself as a diabetic since 2001 and my blood sugar has never been normal.

I took the HbA1C test at Orion today and the report was 6.7 which I was told was " good control " of sugar. It was exactly 3 months back on March 14th 2016 that I underwent full medical diabetic checkup at Orion hospital and my HbA1C was 9.2 , my ppbs was always above 300,

I had a session with the dietitian, Monisha and a plan was worked out. She gave me a diet by asking my food habits and choices. The blood sampling and monitoring system and the followup system by the team is really commendable.

My job requires extensive travelling and most of the time my food habits were not right. The report of 6.7 would not be have been possible without the support of the team in Kollam especially Ms.Meenu Gopan & Asha.

Meenu was very supportive and if not for her personalized attention , a total turn around wouldn't have been possible. She guided me when my sugar level was down to 71. I was totally worried on how to manage the situation and then Meenu called me and advised me to take 3 teaspoon of sugar and asked me to recheck again. Through their constant monitoring, now my food habits have become regular ( no skipping meals now ! ) and there is a regular exercise plan in place.

Now I feel rejuvenated and energetic now.
Thank you team Diabetacare , Kollam and may you be a blessing for other chronic diabetic patients.

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