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We understand that as a physician, your concern for your patients goes beyond managing their blood glucose levels. We also know that diabetes management needs treatment and care options above and beyond basic consultations. To ensure you are best supported in providing your patients with a complete diabetes management ecosystem, we build our products and services to complement yours.

Our first-to-market, patient – and physician-focused model makes us both a trusted partner and a one-stop shop for diabetes related diagnostics, treatment, and education

We take care of what you must otherwise outsource, thereby helping you in expanding your services and growing your practice.

Diabetacare is best known for support services like 24 x 7 Monitoring, Better Treatment Planning, and Better Clinical Outcomes.

We currently offer the People, Process and Technology (PPT) model.


Our highly trained staff help investigate, treat, and educate patients in your office. You’ll work with:

  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSN)
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Foot Care Specialists


diabetacare staff will,

  • Screen your patients for diabetes-induced or related complications
  • facilitate necessary Intervention, and
  • activate 24 x 7 Monitoring of their condition via our Diabetes Management Centre (DMC).


You and your patients will have access to our cutting-edge technology platforms, including:

  • DxNET™ – Patient appointment booking and partner clinic management tool
  • dCare Smart™ – Connected smart blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring devices
  • InTouch™ Physician App – Mobile Application that lets you manage and monitor patients requiring extra care and attention

By partnering with Diabetacare, you can provide your patients better resources, offer more treatment options, and stay connected with them
24 x 7 x 365.

Turn your clinic into a one-stop diabetes care center.
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