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Diabetacart℠ is a small, portable kit that allows our diabetes specialist nurses to screen patients for diabetes-related complications in the clinic. Diagnostic components include a retina camera for diabetic retinopathy screening, UACR for early kidney disease, Monofilament & Vibratip for neuropathy, dynamic foot pressure mapping and much more.


Mobile Diabetes Management

DxNET™ is a comprehensive electronic medical record system that helps with clinical decision making (CDM) by providing prompts and reminders to you, your team, and your patients for better quality care.


Diabetes Online Appointment

dCare Smart™ Vodafone powered SIM enabled smart glucometer for blood sugar measurement, which is connected to personalized health record on Diabetacare intelligent Electronic Medical Record system (DxNET™) for efficient remote monitoring and effective and timely intervention

– This transmits the data to your records via secured Vodafone platform within 30 seconds

– dCare Smart™ devices are US FDA (US Food and Drug Administrator) approved and CE marked

– No cable, special mobile phone or wi-fi is needed to download meter readings

– This is significantly more accurate than comparable glucometers as enzyme used in dCare Smart™ strip is GDH-FAD (GDH-FAD test strips show no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose and has better heat-resistance and oxygen-resistance)

– Simple to use and has in-built multiple profiles to accurately map pre-and post meal readings


Mobile Diabetes Management

dCare 2-in-1™ is a connected “smart” glucometer and blood pressure monitoring device for patients at higher risk. Just like the dCare Smart™ glucometer, it transmits measurements to DxNET™ within 30 seconds.


 Diabetes App in India

Diabetes Management Centre (DMC) is your 24×7 support centre. Diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs), trained by clinicians and accredited by UK universities, review your DxNET™ records on a regular basis to remind you and your patients what to do next. We’ll make sure that you’re never behind in your treatments.


Mobile Diabetes Management in India

Diabeta™ App

Diabeta™ App is a patient-centered application powered by the proprietary Diabetacare’s Automated Expert Analytics System DxNET™ and provides real-time motivational, behavioral and educational coaching to help patients self-manage their diabetes treatment plan. Diabeta app supports patients through smart blood glucose testing (by dCare Smart™ device), smart Blood Pressure monitoring (by dCare Smart 2in1™ device) healthy diet planning by Snap a Meal™, exercise planning, medication compliance by virtue of Snap a Prescription™ with 24/7 support from personalized Diabetes Educator.

  • Tracking of Clinical Parameters
    • BGL, BP, Weight, Insulin, Activity
  • Snap a Meal™
    • Helps in tracking Calorie & Nutrients
  • Snap a Prescription™
    • Helps in tracking current Medication
  • Auto Alerts / Reminders / Nudges
    • Medicine Intake
    • BGL Testing
    • Appointments
  • Refills
    • Prescription
    • Strips
  • Reports
  • Connection to devices
  • Consultation (Video, Chat & Voice)*
  • Education (Motivational & Behavioral)

Diabetes Management Centre in India

Diabetes Management Centre in India

InTouch™ Physician App

The InTouch™ Physician App helps you manage and monitor patients that require extra care and attention. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including tablets, “phablets,” and smartphones.


Diabetes Management Centre in India

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