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Why wait to feel better?

Stop diabetes complications before they start by visiting a Diabetacare Centre today. We provide regular screenings, preventative care and compassionate treatment. All under one roof.

When you arrive, our specialists will welcome you and answer all your questions. Our doctors and specialists will screen your eyes, heart, kidneys and feet to check for possible complications. Each centre has a clinical lab, supported by an on-site and off-site diabetes drug store that provides for all your pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical needs, to enable immediate treatment no matter your diagnosis.

Once you’re done, we’ll send you home with 24 x 7 glucose and blood pressure monitoring options through our dCare Smart™ devices.

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For your added convenience we partner with hospitals and caregivers to make holistic diabetes care more accessible to you.


Today 67 million Indians know they have diabetes; yet most of them do not know of the complications that can arise from the disease. An additional estimated 100 million Indians are at high risk to develop the condition but most have never been screened due to a lack of awareness.

This is dangerous. Left undetected or uncontrolled, diabetes can bring about serious health complications including – but not limited to – blindness, heart problems, kidney failure and loss of limbs.

Early detection and treatment is key to keeping diabetes in check, thereby delaying or preventing serious complications.

Diabetacare is working hard to stop diabetes in its tracks. We are increasing awareness about diabetes and empowering people to better fight it.

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