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Proper screening helps us evaluate the advance of diabetes and ascertain whether you’re at risk for complications. Using Diabetacart℠, we test you for hyperglycemia (too much glucose in the bloodstream), dyslipidemia (too much cholesterol), and hypertension (high blood pressure). Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive investigations on your likely-to-be-affected organs: eyes, heart, kidneys, feet.

If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry—this is nothing like a trip to the dentist. Screening is painless, and we’ve streamlined each test so that you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedures. Our methods are fast, efficient, and affordable.

Hyperglycemia Treatment in Bangalore

Also known as preventative medicine, the third step in our diabetes care plan is to empower you with knowledge. Once you know more about diabetes, you’ll understand your treatment options better. Together, we can make a positive choice that improves your quality of life.

You will regularly meet with a Diabetacare partner physician and your personalized diabetes educator / nutritionist, who are committed to treating the total you and not just your sugar. While our physicians will meet by appointment, you can connect with your diabetes educator / nutritionist at your convenience.

Whether you see us in our clinic or we call you at your home, Diabetacare has got you covered.

Treatment for Diabetes in Delhi

We want you to live well and feel better. By taking a few minutes each day to measure your glucose and blood pressure, you’re investing in a healthier you.

Key steps in our diabetes care process are easy-to-use monitoring and regular follow-ups. We have developed a network of monitoring devices and apps to help our patients easily communicate their daily condition with their doctors.

dCare Smart™: Our glucometer with an in-built SIM card instantly sends your blood sugar reading to your doctor and captures the same in your online personal health record.

DxNET™: Our electronic medical record system reminds both you and your doctor about upcoming treatment steps.

Once we’ve determined your state of health, our doctors will develop a personalized care plan and initiate the necessary Intervention

Sugar Clinic in Bangalore

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